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Hawaii's finest coffee


Hawaii's finest coffee

Start Your Day Off In Paradise

Coffee Works was established in 1975 as Honolulu's first coffee house. In 2000, Coffee Works moved to the island of Lana'i. Over the past 15 years, we have become an Island favorite for local and visiting coffee drinkers alike.

Our specialty coffees and espressos are popular gift items, with a loyal following among coffee lovers worldwide. If you plan to visit Lana'i, stop by and check us out. If you can't visit the islands, you can still enjoy the taste of paradise by visiting our store.



Local Hawaiian coffee

Truly a taste of paradise. We offer a diverse selection of unique Hawaiian blends and tropical flavors.

Pastries and other food

More than just coffee, we also serve delicious pastries, full breakfast and lunch menus and a variety of snacks.

easy to order worldwide

Love our coffee but can't make it to Lana'i? No worries, we offer Interisland, Mainland and International shipping through our store.

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